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Hiking and day hikes in New Mexico
Aspen Vista Road
View from Aspen Vista

Aspen Vista
Length: 10 miles
Degree of Difficulty: Moderate
Seasonal: 3 Season (Snow in winter: Snowshoe)
Driving Distance: 13 miles

This is the most popular trail in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The gradual uphill climb and the width of the road make it ideal for skiers of all abilities and ages. The road is closed to motorized vehicles including snowmobiles.

Directions: Follow Paseo de Peralta to Washington Ave on the North end of Paseo de Peralta. Turn away from the plaza heading north on Washington Avenue to artist rd (ski Basin rd). Follow the Ski Basin Rd. 13 miles. Access this trail from Aspen Vista Picnic Area, just beyond the 13 mile marker. Ample parking is available.

Chamisa Trail
Beginning of Chamisa Trail

Chamisa Trail
Length: 4.75 miles Round Trip
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Altitude: 7800ft to 8500 ft
Seasonal: 4S (Snow in winter possible)
Driving Distance: 6 Miles

The Chamisa trail is an easy hike only six miles from the plaza. The Chamisa Trail is well defined and hikes through rolling terrain and meadows for 4.75 miles round trip. The hike will take you through large stands of evergreen trees. This is an enjoyable hike or trail run close to town. Please reference USGS: Aspen Basin for accurate trail information.

Directions: Follow Paseo de Peralta to Washington Ave on the North end of Paseo de Peralta. Turn away from the plaza heading north on Washington Avenue to artist rd (ski Basin rd). Follow the Ski Basin rd. 5.6 miles to a wide canyon with two prominent parking areas on the south and north sides of the rd. Park on the north side. Locate trailhead and follow to big Tesuque creek.
More Information is available in the Sierra Club Day Hikes of Santa Fe.

Borrego Trail
Borrego Trail

Borrego - Bear Wallow - Winsor Loop
Length: 4 miles Round Trip
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Altitude: 8240 to 8800 ft
Seasonal: 3 Season (Snow in winter: Snowshoe)
Driving Distance: 8.5 Miles

The Borrego Trail located just a few miles up the road from the Chamisa Trail head and is another excellent choice for hikers and Trail runners alike. The Borrego is a loop hike that follows three trail systems for approximately four miles. The Borrego Trail is a well defined trail that winds through lush Pines with rolling elevation dropping down to Big Tesuque Creek and a lovely meadow perfect for a picnic. The trail follows the Winsor trail for a short distance west to the Bear Wallow Trail. Follow the Bear wallow trail Uphill until it reconnects with the Borrego Trail.
USGS: Aspen Basin & McClure Reservoir

Directions: Follow the same instructions as Chamisa trail. Follow Ski Basin rd 8.3 miles to Borrego Trail Head. The Parking lot ill be on your left.

Atalaya Trail

Atalaya Mountain Hiking Trail
Length: Trail 174 is approx. 7 miles round-trip, Trail 170 is 4.6 miles round-trip
Degree of Difficulty: Easy-Difficult
Altitude: 8240 to 8800 ft
Seasonal: 4 Season (Snow in winter possible)

The Atalaya Mountain Trail, accessible from the parking lot at St. Johns College, is one of the most popular and easily accessible hiking trails in Santa Fe. Hikers have the option of taking the longer route (Trail 174), which is approximately 7 miles round-trip, or parking farther up near the Ponderosa Ridge development and doing a 4.6-mile loop (Trail 170) instead. Both trials eventually join and take you toward the top of Atalaya Mountain, a 9,121-foot peak. The first few miles of the trail are relatively easy, but it becomes increasingly steep and strenuous as you near the summit of Atalaya Mountain. Hikers who make it to the top are afforded great views of the Rio Grande valley and the city below.

Dale Ball Trails
Cerro Gordo trailhead

Dale Ball Trails
Dale Ball trails have maps at
every junction

Dale Ball Trail System

Dale Ball Central
Trail Length 7+ miles
These trails incorporate some older trails that have been fixed up, and some new sections that are really fun. There is a little more climbing than the North section and the tread is not quite as smooth. Don't forget to ride the connector trails to vary distances and experiences.

Trail Directions: There are two access points: one at the North trail head on NM 475 at Sierra del Norte and the other near the intersection of Cerro Gordo and Upper Canyon Road.

Dale Ball North
Trail Length 6 or 7 +/- miles
These are new trails and the first of many more miles to come. They are tricky, technical single-track twisters through the pinon woods in the foothills over looking Santa Fe. The tread is good and fast but watch out for the soft shoulders and tight switchbacks. The outside loop is about 5 miles +/- with cut off trails to vary distances. The next system to be built will stretch south to the Atalaya mountain trail adding another 17 miles they say.

Trail Directions: From downtown Santa Fe drive toward the Ski Basin on Hyde Park Road (NM 475). Look for the trailhead parking lot on the left (north).

Dale Ball South
Trail Length 5 miles
Mostly a trail for hikers, but if you don't mind some hike-a-bike it is a good trail for mountain bikes as well.

Trail Directions: Upper Canyon Road, just past the Cerro Gordo trailhead. Take a right up a steep dirt road. There is a single track that takes off to the left about 100 feet up the road. After that the trail is well marked, with maps at every junction.

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